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Heavy Duty Edition

Up to 1,800 lbs load capacity
(POD-IUM™ FT™ Series - Single Trailers only).

MSRP @ $595.00


For added protection for what the road can throw at you.

MSRP @ $495.00

Polished Finish

Give you trailer a chrome like finish.

Additionnal $400.00

13" Galvanised Steel Wheel

Galvanised steel wheels w/4 season trailer tires.

Additionnal $50.00

13" Aluminum Alloy Wheels

For a 4 season trailer tire with class.

Additionnal $175.00

14" Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Choose our low profile 4 season car tire mounted on a 14" aluminum alloy wheel for a great look and excellent road handling.

Additionnal $300.00

Clear Lens

Give your trailer a cool look by adding clear lens.

Additionnal $75.00

Coupler handle

For ease of use and manoeuvrability.

MSRP @ $15.95

Spare Tire

Choose from our various spare tire size:
• 10 inch silver painted steel w/4 season trailer tire
• 13 inch galvanized steel w/4 season trailer tire
• 13 inch aluminum alloy w/4 season trailer tire
• 14 inch aluminum alloy w/4 season low profile automobile tire

MSRP starting @ $120.00

Spare Tire Carrier

Choose among our vertical or economy spare tire carrier.

MSRP starting @ $20.00

Tongue Jack

600 lbs capacity.

MSRP @ $79.95